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Yesturday's fishing trip.
Hey, decided to post my Yesturdays fishing trip. Nice company and beautiful nature. We tried to hit the Palm beach, with a rented boat.

This look from your house on Palm Beach is worth 7 mln. dollars.

If you can afford a scooter, you can have much more fun.

Just a beautiful mountain on the shore.

Another beautiful shot.

I really enjoy colours on this picture.

As on this one as well

It looks like the sand is turned into rock, thanks to Australian hot dry weather

Here is our first catch !

A boat passing through, leaving weaves, which are very disturbing because of our small boat.

People sure can enjoy their weekends

A lonely tree on top has got my attention

Here is the second catch, performed by me.

Happy faces and freshly caught fish.

That's how we spent our day of the long weekends, on 12.06.2010


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